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Develop, Design, Document

  • Modern Online IDE
    • Templates - Ready to Code
    • No build setup, fully-automated compilation
    • Dynamic typings and automatic bare imports
    • Inline compile and runtime errors reporting
  • Component Workshop
    • Hot-Reload & Isolated runtime
    • Multi-device synchonized view
    • Accessibility, Design and Responsive Tools
  • Test & Document
    • Isolated testing runtime (mocha)
    • Unit and Accessibility testing reports
    • Multi component variations/stories
    • Instant Markdown preview with component showcases


Work with your favorite tools

Storybook logo +Github logo +NPM logo
  • Storybook
    • Full support of CSF Storybook format
    • Customisable Async decorators and Knobs based on API
    • Extensible via Plugin API, build your own
  • Github
    • Create or Link to your Github repository
    • Branch and Pull-Requests management
    • Pull and Push to your git repository
  • NPM
    • Publish to any scope/registry
    • Semantic versionning support
    • Automatic ES Module Packaging


Iterate and communicate on your Design library

  • Manage
    • Organisation support & management
    • Components collections support
    • Customisable Profile page
  • Review
    • Realtime Multi-version UI Diff review
    • Live snapshot for app integration
    • Side-by-side Code Diff review
  • Share
    • Automatic Style-guide generation
    • Embeddable view for docs, blog and website
    • Playground for libraries and components