Nov 26th 2019, we ran a workshop where each participant made a Web Component on and published it into NPM in one click. All the NPM packages where continuously downloaded and packaged together as a single page projected in the room

The resulted MASTER PAGE

master page projected at the meetup, a grid of web components with mostly cats

How is it done?

Participants make Web Components on and press the PUBLISH button provided. Web Components are compiled, packaged and sent into NPM on the @wcd scope.

schema of the architecture, npm to meetup engine to files to parcel

  1. The Meetup engine downloads the packages and generates index.html, index.js ans package.json forming the web site.

  2. Parcel picks up the changes, install new and upgraded packages and serve the updated package with an automatic reload.

And you have this!

master page

Some stats

  • 18 Web Components
  • 70 Publish on NPM!
  • Lots of fun 😁


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